Student Accommodation & Hall Owners

Benefits for Student Accommodation & Hall Owners

  • Real Time Electricity Use Monitoring
    Gain insights into your electricity use in real time.
  • Identify High Usage Rooms
    Power Vigilance's solution allows you to easily see the electricity usage by each room, with historic data and alerts for unusually high usage.
  • Reduce Running Costs
    Reduce and optimise your electricity usage by identifying inefficiencies and excessive consumption.

Electricity bills often largely contribute to the running costs for student accommodation. Many students are living away from home for the first time and do not fully understand the impact excessive electricity use has on bills. Power Vigilance's solution allows for excessive use alerts and individual profiling of each room, so you can pinpoint exactly where exactly your electricity use is coming from. With the insights provided by Power Vigilance’s solution, we can help you get your electricity bills back under control.

Taking steps to reduce excessive consumption in Student Halls is also especially important for future climate change efforts. Forming good habits and awareness of energy consumption in our young adults is vital to moving our planet towards a greener future.

Not all excessive use in Student Halls stems directly from students however. Like any other large building, Student Halls will have other inefficiencies such as incorrect voltage coming into the mains, and inefficient and poorly scheduled heating. With Power Vigilance, you can identify these areas of waste, cut your electricity bills and decrease the impact we have on climate change.

Student Hall Case Study

We installed our solution at a medium sized student accommodation. After gathering significant data, we identified key areas in which the hall was not efficiently using electricity. Power Vigilance was able to reveal areas in which the owner had never thought about such as the incoming voltage to the building and heaters being on during holiday periods.

With the invaluable insights that Power Vigilance has provided, the owner of the hall has seen great savings in their electricity bills.


Power Vigilance is looking for a small number of student halls to trial in and around the Nottingham area. This is a great opportunity for us to test our systems and for you to gain valuable insights into your electricity usage for free!

If you own or manage a student hall, we think Power Vigilance would be of great benefit to you.

Looking to Reduce Your Electricity Costs?