Benefits for Office Buildings

  • Real Time Electricity Use Monitoring
    Gain insights into your electricity use in real time.
  • Non Intrusive Hardware
    Our sensors are self powering, retrofitting and require no changes to your existing electrical board
  • Reduce Running Costs
    Reduce and optimise your electricity usage by identifying inefficiencies and excessive consumption.
power vigilance header reduce electricity consumption

Electricity bills often largely contribute to the running costs for an office. Power Vigilance's solution allows for excessive use alerts and individual profiling of each circuit, so you can pinpoint exactly where exactly your electricity use is coming from. With the insights provided by Power Vigilance’s solution, we can help you get your electricity bills back under control

Not all excessive use in Offices stems directly from IT equipment. Like any other large building, offices will have other inefficiencies such as incorrect voltage coming into the mains, and inefficient and poorly scheduled heating. With Power Vigilance, you can identify these areas of waste, cut your electricity bills and decrease the impact we have on climate change.

Medium Sized Office Case Study

Power Vigilance’s kit was installed at an office block that wished to reduce their electricity consumption. It was discovered that an unoccupied floor of the building was still using electricity.

With Power Vigilance’s insights, the management was able to find the source of wasted usage and bring operating costs to a manageable level.


Power Vigilance is looking for a small number of Offices to trial in and around the Nottingham area. This is a great opportunity for us to test our systems and for you to gain valuable insights into your electricity usage for free!

If you own or manage an office, we think Power Vigilance would be of great benefit to you.

Looking to Reduce Your Electricity Costs?