Manufacturing & Industry

Benefits for Industrial & Manufacturers

  • Itemised Monitoring of Appliances
    Power Vigilance's solution allows you to easily see the electricity usage by each appliance, with historic data and alerts for unusually high usage.
  • Predict Faults
    Recognise electricity use patterns that lead to faults and act before they happen.
  • Project & Reduce Manufacturing Costs
    See exactly how much your electricity use contributes to your manufacturing costs, identify inefficiencies and streamline your manufacturing process.

The costs of excessive electricity use and production downtime make businesses uncompetitive. With the insights provided by Power Vigilance’s solution, we can help reduce both of these.

Some machines use significantly more power when they begin come to the end of their life, or before they are about to fail. Power Vigilance’s hardware will detect this, and gives you the chance to purchase more efficient machines, or to plan preventative maintenance, at a time when it is best for the business.

Glass Manufacturer Case Study

A glass manufacturer could not understand why their manufacturing costs were higher than projected. It was discovered that if one piece of glass broke, their whole production line was powered on by the employees, in order to replace it.

This inefficiently was threatening the viability of the business.Furthermore, Power Vigilance's insights helped the business plan its manufacturing schedule.


Power Vigilance is looking for a small number of Manufacturers to trial in and around the Nottingham area. This is a great opportunity for us to test our systems and for you to gain valuable insights into your electricity usage for free!

If you own or manage a manufacturing company, we think Power Vigilance would be of great benefit to you.

Looking to Reduce Your Electricity Costs?